Emerging Security Technology Solutions

The evolving threats from hackers are creating new approaches for securing intellectual property and personal information. Millions of users are accessing organization’s critical data from personal mobile phones, tablets and Chromebooks. This is requiring organizations to adopt a ‘Bring Your Own Device” security strategy. Even if an organization is not supporting a BYOD strategy, users still need to access the Internet from internal networked devices. Should any of these devices, external or internal, get compromised, organizations are at risk of data loss and the consequential damage to brand recognition, customer loyalty and lawsuits.

To account for these new computing platforms and common user behavior, CTI is working with Trend Micro, Mobile Iron, Zscaler and Bromium to secure mobile devices, endpoints and cloud computing platforms with innovative security solutions. With our partners, CTI provides the following new security functions.

  • Provide 100% protection against APTs for any Intel-chip based endpoint using hardware-based micro-virtualization
  • Secure Data and Applications on any ios or android device
  • Secure applications operating on the Amazon Web Services platform.
  • Provide VMware infrastructure with a Firewall, Anti-Malware, IPS/IDS , Log Management and Virtual Patching
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