CTI with its partner, FireEye, and FireEye’s security service division, Mandiant, provides a combination of expertise, technology and targeted, relevant intelligence to help clients understand and resolve specific security challenges. We accomplish this goal by offering five highly focused security assessments.

Incident Readiness Planning Service

We use a comprehensive set of requirements to identify and baseline a client’s current incident response program against industry best practices and practical use. The methodology:

Gap Analysis
  • Determine the maturity level of the existing IR program
  • Overlay plan components with recommended best practices
  • Identify and document gaps in existing processes, skill sets, and tools
Global IR Policy
  • Create or refine existing IR policy
  • Establish executive sponsorship for policy
  • Create communication plan for policy compliance
Threat Detection
  • Establish a comprehensive threat-detection capability
  • Determine incident types and severity levels
  • Define an incident reporting matrix
Roles and Responsibilities
  • Create a roles and responsibilities hierarchy that complies with IR policy requirements
  • Document a communication plan
Incident Handling Procedures
  • Establish incident handling procedures for each incident type
  • Document evidence collection best practices
  • Create a competent chain of custody process

We provide a documented gap analysis of the client’s current incident response program, along with recommendations for skillsets, procedures, and tools to improve their incident response capabilities. We also provides a complete incident response policy and plan for the client, including the documented components described above.

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