Ensure the controls are in place to centrally secure, manage and monitor privileged accounts. CyberArk delivers privileged password vaulting and user-access control, session recording and auditing, continuous monitoring, and forensics.

Radiant Logic

Features three products designed to solve your toughest integration challenges, combining the best of enterprise, meta, and virtual directories to deliver identity as a federated service.


Streamlines compliance, strengthens internal controls, and improves identity governance. Their innovative approach to identity management can help address any of the following challenges:

  • lower the cost of compliance
  • steer clear of audit deficiencies
  • streamline the access change and request management processes
  • effectively manage the user life-cycle
  • minimize access risk during a merger, acquisition, divestiture or layoff

SailPoint’s IdentityIQ provides automated provisioning solutions to handle all user lifecycle events, such as new hires, transfers, moves, and terminations. SailPoint’s automated provisioning can help you minimize the time your IT staff spends on repetitive processes and lower the cost of IT operations, while at the same time improving end user productivity.

To speed your deployment of user provisioning, SailPoint provides predefined business processes for identity lifecycle management and a library of resource connectors for integrating with business applications, platforms, databases, directories, and other resources in the data center and cloud.

SailPoint’s IdentityNow Single Sign-on (SSO) solution provides one-click access to cloud, web and mobile applications without the need to re-authenticate each time, and it supports single sign-on from all the devices that today’s workers use, from PCs or laptops to tablets and smartphones.

Unbound ID

A state-of-the-art, fully LDAPv3- compliant directory server designed for high performance concurrent processing.

A successful digital business strategy depends upon leveraging customer identity and preference data. Identifying your customers as they journey between anonymous, recognized, and a known identity is essential to personalized interactions and customer experience improvement. If you had actionable, real-time data to identify a customer along with their preferences and behaviors - you could turn a sea of faceless customers into a collection of high-value individuals.

The UnboundID Platform empowers you to leverage those unique customer identities at scale and in real-time so that you can give each customer a relevant, seamless experience across communication channels, devices, and digital businesses.

Identity and profile data may be a business critical asset, but it’s not always treated that way in many enterprises. Instead, it’s highly fragmented, making it impossible to maximize its business value. It can be siloed in home grown repositories that are isolated from other apps, or locked up in Master Data Management (MDM) and business intelligence systems that are not actionable for use in customer facing apps.

UnboundID helps organizations address these problems with a platform designed for customer identity and preference management. It’s designed to help organizations optimize customer engagement across channels, extend highly personalized offers, grow customer loyalty and sales, and provide governance and security at web scale.

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